News" Six dead in horrific crash as school bus plows into commuter bus in Baltimore


News" Six dead in horrific crash as school bus plows into commuter bus in Baltimore


At least six are dead after a school bus and a commuter bus crashed.                                                                                                              Police confirmed that the yellow bus driver was among those killed                                                                                                        Investigators are looking into whether he suffered a medical emergency                                                                                                          Vehicle had hit a Ford Mustang, then a pillar before heading onto oncoming traffic where it collided with the MTA bus                                  There were also 'significant injuries' in the crash early on Tuesday morning                                                                                                         No children were aboard the school bus at the time of the accident                                                                                                                       The front of the yellow school bus was almost completely demolished                                                                                                          Names of victims are not being released until their families are notified

Police say at least six people are dead after a school bus plowed into a commuter bus in a horrific early morning crash in southwest Baltimore.

The Baltimore City Schools bus driver was killed when his vehicle smashed into the side of the Maryland Transit Administration bus at around 6.30am on Tuesday.

Police are investigating whether he may have suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel.  

There were also 'significant injuries' in the crash which left at least an additional five hospitalized - one of whom is in critical condition. 

Authorities confirmed that no children had been aboard the school bus at the time. 

The school bus, which was carrying just one adult passenger and the driver, had been driving to pick up its first student of the day, who lives just four or five blocks away from the crash site, when it initially hit a Ford Mustang.

The yellow bus then kept going eastbound, striking a pillar at the cemetery before it moved into oncoming traffic.

'It struck an MTA bus on its driver's side and basically ripped the entire driver's side off of the vehicle,' Smith said in his briefing. 'It literally looks like a bomb exploded in the bus. It's catastrophic damage.'

Smith said there were no skid marks on the road - indicating that the driver never slammed on his breaks to avoid the collision.

'Something catastrophic took place,' he added. 

Of the six fatalities, five victims were aboard the MTA bus which was carrying around 13 people at the time. 

Ten people were injured including eight aboard the MTA bus, the school bus aide and the driver of the Mustang, who were taken to hospital.

Police have confirmed there were no children aboard the school bus at the time 

Emergency crews were at the scene of the deadly crash which occurred just outside the National Cemetery Loudon Park, in Southwest Baltimore, on Frederick Avenue. The road is closed and will remain so for 'a significant period of time' officials said.

Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith said police are investigating the cause of the 'absolutely tragic situation that occurred this morning.'

But he said a medical examiner will be able to determine a working theory that the school bus driver may have suffered a 'medical emergency.'

'We also have a surviving victim that was on the yellow bus,' he added at the morning press conference. 'We will be able to interview her to find out more.'

The crash was so powerful that it shook the nearby cemetery, according to its Superintendent Matt Wagster.

'It sounded like a train wreck,' he told the Baltimore Sun. 'It was loud and it shook the ground.'

'A mangled mess, that's what it looked like,' witness Rasean Aldridge said of the aftermath of the crash.

Aldridge told Reuters he had seen emergency crews dragging people from their vehicles i including one woman who was covered in dirt.

'I don't know if she'd been ejected from the bus or what,' he said. 

Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith said that the road would remain closed for some time

The City Schools website states that all City Schools buses and contract buses are inspected 'thoroughly' three times a year and school bus drivers must complete an 'extensive and comprehensive training program' in order to become certified and eligible to drive.

They must also complete annual in-service training.

MTA coach number 05090 was the one involved in the wreck, WBAL reports.

Investigators from the MTA were at the scene this morning. has reached out to the administration for comment. 

Governor Larry Hogan released a statement, saying he and the First Lady were 'deeply saddened' by the news.

'Our deepest condolences go out to the victims and their families in the wake of this tragedy. We will continue to pray for those who were injured, as well as the first responders who worked swiftly and continue to care for the injured. Our administration gives our full support to the Baltimore City Police Department as they investigate, and we are prepared to offer any state assistance necessary.'


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