Chinese hotels evict Africans due to concerns of COVID-19 spread

Hundreds of African residents and businessmen in China's southern city of Guangzhou have been evicted from hotels and apartments as local health officials rollout a testing campaign for Covid-19. While the internet is enraged by this action, it's not based in racial hate.

Many Africans have fallen for the endless propaganda of Bill Gates and Chinese trying to sterilize them, so they are afraid (as usual) of anything medically being injected of fed to them as a pill. For that reason, an African male resident in the town was tested positive for COVID-19, and when doctor tried to administer a vaccine, he bit the doctor and ran out of the hospital. He has since been in hiding and remains a wanted fugitive. The authorities believe the African community is hiding him, and since no one is talking, they are simply getting rid of them all for their own safety.

Stop believing the rhetoric black folks. Follow the doctor's guidance.

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